Research and Design

Make decisions that enlarge your market and sales

Enterprises need insights into their online businesses and customer behaviour in order to stay competitive and further optimize their online presence. Our Research and Design business stream helps our clients to measure, collect and analyze crucial internet data to design solutions which convert the results into their business opportunities.

User Behaviour Analysis

By understanding behaviour and tending of website visitors, we make informative design decision and measure the implications of delivered solutions.

Content Strategy

Content strategy helps achieving business goals efficiently by maximizing the impact of content. The content should be readable, understandable, findable and shareable in various forms. We help our clients define, formulate and find most appropriate presentation of their online content.

User Interface Design

By drafting design strategy first, we simplify requirements in workflows and wireframes and then carefully craft user interface designs that support client’s business needs.

A/B Testing

When finding the best solution to a problem we do not rely on our knowledge and expertise only. We also incorporate different approaches, measure their influence and choose those solutions which achieve our client’s business goals most effectively.