Backend Engineer (Java)

We are looking for Java Backend Engineers to work on innovative projects in the event ticketing and other industries.




Mid to Senior level

Open positions

Five (5)


Ljubljana or remote

Team size

Ten (10)

Pay, benefits, perks

  • Competitive salary (upper average range, Slovenian market), with salary raises proportionally to your growth.
  • Minimum 25 days of annual leave.
  • Bonus at the end of the year.
  • 500 € / year to spend on additional technical equipment per your choice.
  • 2% of yearly gross salary for supplementary pension insurance.
  • Educational budget, opportunity for advancement and growth (through conferences, workshops, lectures).
  • New Mac or PC laptop, monitors and accessories, headset, hight-adjustable desk (onsite).
  • Always fresh fruits, endless stream of coffee and tea (onsite).
  • New award-winning office in the heart of BTC (Slovenia's biggest commercial district).

What will you do

  • Build new backends from scratch — You'll work on new backends that will be used by frontends and various other systems. You and the team will be responsible for rolling out the features and enhance them even further.
  • Enhance existing APIs — We have existing APIs that are due for new iteration. You will review existing functionalities, come up with improvements and ship them.
  • Care about quality and improve performance — We care about quality and performance deeply. Business logic you’ll develop will be covered with unit tests and the products you’ll ship will serve in high-load environments.
  • Research and explore — New technologies and development approaches are the reality of our field. Continuous learning is developer’s essential quality. We’ll make sure you have the ability and time to focus on your growth as a developer.
  • Co-own the product — You’ll be a part of a team where everybody has autonomy and responsibility. You will work on features from ideation over release to maintenance and shape the roadmap of the product.

Tech stack

  • Java, SpringBoot — Java is the language of our choice. We use SpringBoot framework to build high-performance backends and APIs. Using battle-tested components instead of reinventing the wheel each time, is something we feel strongly about.
  • Hibernate, Flyway — We use Hibernate as our ORM tool and Flyway for database migration.
  • Elasticsearch, Redis, Kafka — We use Elasticsearch to offer full-text search across millions of records. Redis as cache and Kafka for event messaging.
  • Hosted on AWS with K8s — All our components are containerised and run in Kubernetes. Everything is automated from build to deployment.
  • Enterprise tools for everything — GitLab as source control, CI/CD pipelines. Jira for issue tracking. Confluence for documentation. Slack for internal communication. IDE of your choice with paid subscription.

You will be a great fit if...

  • You have worked before in our tech stack — We don’t expect you to have a background in everything we use, but we do expect you to have a strong Java fundamentals and ideally a background working with SpringBoot. You also understand the concepts of domain driven design and have worked before on similar projects.
  • You have 3+ years of experience — You have minimum 3 years of working experience in similar role as software engineer.
  • You're highly productive while writing quality code — We release updates regularly. You can break down big projects into small deliverables, while caring about the outcome and quality.
  • A genuine interest in technology — You have a desire for improvement and progress. You understand every technology has a trade-off.
  • Independent and empathetic communicator — You are independent in written and verbal communication (English). You're thriving in a team environment.

What we offer

  • Engineering environment — Almost all of us are engineers or with engineering background. We nurture engineering mentality with great care. You will always find somebody with specific skillset or technology you need help with.
  • A place to grow — We provide options and guidance for your advancement and growth. We want you to become an expert in your field.
  • Team based organisation — We are organised in teams, working on specific projects or topics for a longer time. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into technically challenging topics.
  • We love the Cloud — Most of our products are based on Cloud native architecture. You’ll get the chance to work on some of the latest approaches in modern app development.
  • We'll treat you well — Get a competitive salary, bonuses, and supplementary pension insurance. You choose if you want to work remotely or onsite. Plus, we provide new equipment and latest development tools.

Application process

  1. Send us an email — Tell us about yourself, what are your expertise and why you want to join us. First impression counts.
  2. An intro call — We want to understand on what projects you worked in the past and what motivated you to apply. You'll learn about the company from Managing Director and the project from Team Lead.
  3. Test task — We give you a short assignment that is similar to tasks you would do on a daily basis as part of the team.
  4. Present your task — Commit your work to Git. Document the code. Prepare a small presentation. You'll guide us through your development and decision-making process through a video call.
  5. Decision — We get back to you with a final decision.

How to apply

Now that you know about us and the position we are trying to fill, we would like to learn more about you. Send us an email at