Software engineering

Run software that supports your business

To us Software Engineering means converting ideas into reality by using technology. This core business stream includes systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to design, development, testing, documentation and delivery of software products. Delivery of a quality product on time and within budget is at the heart of Dhimahi ethos and we achieve this by adhering to international software engineering standards and well established processes.

Software Development

Development of feature-rich business applications, based on industry standards and established technology frameworks, is the core of our Software Engineering process. We help answer specific business needs of our clients with secure, reliable and adaptive software.

Enterprise Application Integration

In order to simplify and automate business processes, we help our clients with integration of internal and external systems and applications on different platforms.

Mobile Application Development

We provide development of native and browser based mobile applications for various mobile platforms and devices.

Social Networking

We help our clients increase traffic and customer base through various social channels and social based apps.

Near shoring

We provide near shoring software development options who benefit from ad hoc team utilization while maintaining high quality standards.

Quality Control

Through the practice of Continuous Integration (CI) we apply continuous processes of quality control and automated testing to ensure quality software.